Door Entry & Door Access Systems

Video entryDo you know who's coming in and out of your building? You can take control with our coded and networked access door entry systems.We can install and maintain door entry and digital security equipment on various types of property. From small residential projects to large business premises that may need to support thousands of users across a large number of entrances, we can install both individual door controls through to fully integrated access systems.

Our access control systems can be fitted to doors and gates throughout your building. Once we've fitted your door entry system, you decide who has the access code, swipe card or other means of entering. It's as simple as that. We also offer regular maintenance and repairs to ensure your door entry system is always providing you with protection and security.

Which door access & entry system is best for your business?

  • Key fob entryAccess codes
  • Key fobs
  • Swipe cards
  • Phone entry systems

Whatever your building access needs we can provide a complete solution from survey to installation. Whether you are looking for a compact low cost videophone entry system, a vandal resistant door entry panel, proximity or coded access through a range of surface or flush mounted keypads we will identify the best system for your needs.

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Access Intercom Systems

There are a variety of door entry systems from audio only to full colour video.

Door entry intercom

These breakdown into two main types analogue and digital and range from a single call button unit to a multi button block system.

Door entry systems can also be integrated into access control systems.

automatic door push