Domestic or Commercial, Manual or Automatic, High Security or Standard - Security Shutters made to fit your needs

Roller shutters are an excellent physical and visual deterrent. Whether your requirements are for internal security shutters or external protection, we can survey, design, supply and fit roller shutters to your property. Either external 'built-on' security roller shutters with compact boxes styled to minimise visual impact, or internal 'built in' security shutters which can bring benefits of easy operation at night with ability to be opened out of sight during the day. Our manual or electric shutters are suitable for windows and doors to a range of security levels.

Besides securing your property, many of our shutters offer other benefits such as insulation and sound proofing, ventilation, or increased advertising space for your business by use of special graphics.

Our range of security shutters are designed to fit into your building and way of life and not the other way around. Manufactured in the UK and installed to complement the look of your building our security shutters are effective and secure in daily use. From lightweight and compact foam filled alluminium slats, offering strength, good insulation and sound deadening qualities, through to more classic steel security roller shutters which provide a stronger and efficient solution for higher security and insurance requirements.

A complete service - survey, design, supply, installation and maintenance

You do not need to worry about the many types of different solutions available in our security shutters. We are available to complete a free survey of your premises and designed to your exact needs provide you with detailed recommendations based on many years of experience in property protection.

Intricate architectural designs can sometimes make it technically difficult to fit external security shutters, thats why our slimline finish makes fitting of internal security shutters a favourite choice. Our solutions can be operated either by counterbalance spring, rod crank or electric motor to suit your need or situation, whether it be protection for windows, entrances internal bar servery or counters. We can even group a number of electric shutters together for more efficient operation.

Security, Quality & Style

Security shutters can combine the need for protection and peace of mind against vandalism and burglary, with the need to maintain a smart visual appearance, especially for your home.

We have a range of operations from manual to electric shutters using Somfy Tubular motors that carry their own 5 year guarantee. All our automatic roller shutters come with a manual override.

Combining this with a variety of finishes, from 100 micron PVC coating or powder coating applied to the roller shutters and optional choice of colours, we ensure maximum style and acceptable appearance of a wide variety of security shutters for you.